Soffieria Sestese is a lean and efficient company with a long and qualified experience in borosilicate glass 3.3 manufacturing. Our products are designed and manufactured according to standard or customized characteristics for international chemical, pharmaceuticals, goldsmith, mechanical and engineering industries and re-sellers from all over the world. We manage every step of the production cycle, from design to shipping and installation, following the highest standard certificates of this branch. We offer consulting and support services, customized and flexible production, maintenance and assistance and we are the leader in the Italian market and known as one of the most reliable partner in Europe.


Industrial Plants

Our products are designed and manufactured by experienced technicians, in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. We offer standard components and plants as well as custom designs and experimental solutions based on specifications given by the client.

Laboratory Plants

Soffieria Sestese has a line of production entirely dedicated to smaller plants. The products made are functional to all laboratory needs. Customers can ask for tailor-made solutions for specific needs or standard equipment suited for normal manufacturing processes